How to Choose Luxury Entrance Doors

First: It is about you.  An entrance is a personal part of your house. It is a story about you. Whether or not you are aware of it, a visitor will judge you and your house based on the entrance. Therefore, it is worth considering the first impression we want to create.

It is also an investment.  A luxury home entrance is something every visitor will notice – including real estate agencies, investors and homebuyers. If you want to raise the value of your house significantly without investing too much, luxury entry doors are a perfect and relatively small investment with a huge impact on a buyer's perception of the house value.

Contemporary or traditional style? That not only depends on your taste but also on the appearance of the house. An ornamental classical door with a framed glasswork would certainly look better at an older house with stone details than on a modern one. If you cannot decide, which style would best emphasize the beauty of your house, take a photo of the house from th…

Door Opening Systems

1. Folding System "COMPACK"  Door System "COMPACK" is a symbiosis of elegance and practicality A compact and elegant opening system, which can be made with one or two folding panels. Each door panel folds in half in the open position towards the wall. "COMPACK" system is an ideal solution for space saving.

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2. Folding System "BOOK"  Door System "BOOK" is a smart solution for space saving An opening system where the door panel is asymmetrically split. When open, panels fold and slide to one side. With reliable and smooth operating hardware, "BOOK" system doors add style to any interior while saving space.

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3. Opening System "ROTORY"  Door System "ROTORY" offers a few advantages Such a system can be the best alternative to the standard door offerings. it improves convenience and ergonomics of a swing door. It is especially …

Hidden doors: Design features

A hidden door is a construction that is not easily noticed. A secret entrance is often necessary so that no stranger can find it, or so that some valuable belongings are kept in a discreet area.

There are many different ways to create an interesting hidden entrance. You can hide the entrance during renovations or buy a specialized design that will imitate any piece of furniture.

Kinds Secret doors can be purchased in several variations. If desired, buyers can buy the product in the store or contact the private workshop to get an individual option.
Most popular stealth door models:

Cabinet imitation is the easiest way to visually hide an entrance. In this case, the cabinet can be closed, or it can be open and have mock shelves;Chiffonier imitation - in this case, the canvas looks like a wardrobe door or, for example, a kitchen set;For painting - such constructions have no handles. To open the entrance you need to click on the canvas in a certain place or push it. This method is good because…

Features door designs without platbands and with hidden box

The difference of doors without platbands from the traditional version. Invisible doorsScope of application The material used in the manufacturing of hidden doorsThe advantages of hidden interior doors Dimensions and installationPreparing walls for installationInstallation of a hidden doorTypes of Invisibles doors
The desire to make a unique design led to the creation of these special doors. This is a hidden door without trim. This design completely merges with the wall. This unusual solution allows you to visually expand the space. The absence of a classic door gives the interior an exceptional look.

The difference of doors without platbands from traditional Classic door frames have clearly defined frames. They accurately mark the boundary of the entrance to the wall. The joint between the frame and the wall is closed with platbands. Even with the platbands painted in the color of the wall, they will stand out noticeably. This greatly limits the design possibilities, since in this case,…