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Hidden doors: Design features

A hidden door is a construction that is not easily noticed. A secret entrance is often necessary so that no stranger can find it, or so that some valuable belongings are kept in a discreet area.

There are many different ways to create an interesting hidden entrance. You can hide the entrance during renovations or buy a specialized design that will imitate any piece of furniture.

Kinds Secret doors can be purchased in several variations. If desired, buyers can buy the product in the store or contact the private workshop to get an individual option.
Most popular stealth door models:

Cabinet imitation is the easiest way to visually hide an entrance. In this case, the cabinet can be closed, or it can be open and have mock shelves;Chiffonier imitation - in this case, the canvas looks like a wardrobe door or, for example, a kitchen set;For painting - such constructions have no handles. To open the entrance you need to click on the canvas in a certain place or push it. This method is good because…

Features door designs without platbands and with hidden box

The difference of doors without platbands from the traditional version. Invisible doorsScope of application The material used in the manufacturing of hidden doorsThe advantages of hidden interior doors Dimensions and installationPreparing walls for installationInstallation of a hidden doorTypes of Invisibles doors
The desire to make a unique design led to the creation of these special doors. This is a hidden door without trim. This design completely merges with the wall. This unusual solution allows you to visually expand the space. The absence of a classic door gives the interior an exceptional look.

The difference of doors without platbands from traditional Classic door frames have clearly defined frames. They accurately mark the boundary of the entrance to the wall. The joint between the frame and the wall is closed with platbands. Even with the platbands painted in the color of the wall, they will stand out noticeably. This greatly limits the design possibilities, since in this case,…

Types Of Sliding Doors

DesignsTypes of mechanismsTypes of locksAdvantages and disadvantagesSome recommendations for the care of sliding doors - the pencil case
Interior sliding doors are in great demand. Now with "pencil” profiles. A special box in which the sliding door is hidden.

DesignsBefore you decide what mechanism will be used when installing the sliding door, it is important to decide on the type of structure itself. A variety of models are offered, among which you can choose the most appropriate, taking into account the area of the room.

The most popular option is swinging doors. They have a long history and an extremely simple principle of operation. The door is mounted on hinges and opens in a certain direction. These models have been in use for centuries, but their main drawback is that the open position takes up quite a lot of space.

For this reason, the inner room sliding systems of the “pencil” type that became very popular. Because when opening and closing a sliding door it does not take up…